Kung-Fu Pencil test


I finally finished this piece. I used a new free software here called “Pencil“, it is really simple and pixel based.

It was challenging to draw the character in full figure all the time, but I wanted to practise my drawing skills, so that the body is consistent. I was originally going to submit this for the 11 second club competition but being too busy with other work, I could only animate in my spare time. There are some parts I’m not happy about, but I’ m already tired of it. Eddie Murphy is still funny though.


Transcript: I…. am a chain belt in kung-fu…. Bruce Lee was my teacher watch this …..


2 thoughts on “Kung-Fu Pencil test

  1. Great work, Paul!!! I really like his expressions at the beginning and the sequences of actions at the end. I may add more anticipation before he starts Kung-fu actions. Your drawings are so solid and beautiful!! I’d love to see more your animation 😀

    • Kayoko, thank you so much, good to hear from you!! Yes, I also like the first and the last part, better then middle part. I have to work on the character structure. This time I was in a hurry so the character design was not planed enough and I just went with it. Next time i have to make a better character. Thank you for your feedback!

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