Wacom Contest


This animation was done for the Wacom “Pioneers of Now” Contest (July 2013).
The Rules were: To participate, submit a self-portrait in any medium, that represents your “Pioneers of Now” spirit.

Here is a short description of my procedure:

First I did some rough sketches of all the characters, trees and houses. Then I cut all the parts out, which would be animated and imported them into FLASH. In FLASH I moved the parts to get the timing right.


After I had my timing, I exported a png-sequence and imported it back into TVpaint. Then I animated all the characters and other “parts” in TVpaint and colored them. The last to do was to place all the animation frame by frame on the right spot as I timed it out in FLASH.

Here is the final image (at 66%):

Wacom Contest




Set-Design of Alley 2

This is the second drawing related to the first alley background I did some weeks ago.

Motivation : Ewa

Drawing : me

for everyone who is interested, here is the thumbnail and the rough

Final size: A4 paper, pencil


Ok I updated some things like the sketch section. Posted some new sketches there. There is also an animation section now -but nothing new there so far.

to do: change header and maybe background

Talking about sketches, here is a sketch I did that I want to work on later. I read the book “Das Schloss” ( The Castle ) by Franz Kafka and wanted to do an illustration or two.


Haven’ t posted anything for a while. I moved to Berlin and had not much time lately because I had to find an apartment and a job. Plus I had to cope with the bureaucracy here which is not fun.

anyways, here is an illustration I did just for fun.

random drawings

here are some random drawings I did lately. sorry for the quality, I don’t have a scanner right now.  (everything pencil on paper)




I’ m not quite sure what happened here.. kind of an experiment


Another Zootrip

went to the greater Vancouver zoo today. many animals were lying around in the shadow. I was lucky, some of them were close to the fence.