This week’s theme at the 4forFAN facebook group was “QUEEN BUTTER”. This is my version.

queen butter


Goodbye Deponia …coming soon…

“Goodbye Deponia” the third part of the Deponia point-and-click adventure game series will be released soon (8th Oct 2013). After Deponia 2 I also had the chance to work on the third part.

I noticed that on the german “Adventure-Treff” website, you can already take a look at various screenshots and some artwork from the game.

I animated some of the many characters in the game, like those below.

All the character design was done by SIMONE KESTERTON, I think (Simone please correct me on that, if I am wrong).

Except the baby, which was designed by me.

Can’ t wait to play the game.

concept sketches

I did some concept work lately about a homeless guy.

More pictures below -just click on the thumbnails.

Foto (5)


Character Design

As you may know, I’ m currently attending a classical animation program at Vanarts in Vancouver

Here are some facial expressions and mouth charts for a character that I created for a Dialog Assignment

The Character is a short Italian Bellhop who is sarcastic and imbalanced