11 Second Club August 2013 Entry

This is my entry for the 11 Second Club.

It is not meant to be played at full screen in HD but you can do so if you like.

I find that sharp rough lines are somewhat contradictory. So I recommend to turn HD OFF or not to watch it in full screen mode.


Wacom Contest


This animation was done for the Wacom “Pioneers of Now” Contest (July 2013).
The Rules were: To participate, submit a self-portrait in any medium, that represents your “Pioneers of Now” spirit.

Here is a short description of my procedure:

First I did some rough sketches of all the characters, trees and houses. Then I cut all the parts out, which would be animated and imported them into FLASH. In FLASH I moved the parts to get the timing right.


After I had my timing, I exported a png-sequence and imported it back into TVpaint. Then I animated all the characters and other “parts” in TVpaint and colored them. The last to do was to place all the animation frame by frame on the right spot as I timed it out in FLASH.

Here is the final image (at 66%):

Wacom Contest




My father has this small funny dog who is jumping around and shaking off something all the time -although she is dry. So Ewa thought it would be funny, if a dog would shake and then take off like a helicopter or airplane.

Ewa helped me with the character design and with some other decisions :D. Below you see the end result!

Happy Holiday everyone,  I hope you have a relaxing time.